Plein Air Painting
Rose has discovered the wonderful world of Plein Air oil paintings. Plein Air painting captures the moment of natural changing light. Your senses pick up the atmosphere as the light shines through it. Your perception of color becomes much more vibrant. There is an exhilarating rush as you paint fervently to capture the moment. Plein Air painting has dramatically affected the style, color and mood of Rose's painting.

Rose's Bio
The impressionistic to abstract quality of her work is loose, spontaneous and full of expressive color.  Her brush strokes evoke an energy that can visually transmit the emotional experience in her paintings.

She is continuing her exploration of oil painting thru classes at the BBAC, various workshops and plein air painting.  Rose has a BFA in Graphic Design and Fine Arts from the University of Michigan, and additional classes from CCS.  She worked as a Graphic Designer and Art Director prior to teaching art.

Rose taught fine art classes and private lessons to children, teens and adults for fourteen years at a private art studio. A number of her students have received gold key awards, and gone on to successful art careers. She is a member of the Detroit Society of Women Painters and Sculptors, The Anton Art Center, and the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center.

Rose does private commissions, shows at several galleries, and has work exhibited in a variety of local venues. This includes the Grosse Pointe Art Center, Oakwood Hospital, Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, The Great Frame Up and the Okulksi Theater in Grosse Pointe Park.


Artist's Statement
My paintings are a tapestry of colors and forms that together create moods I sense, almost more than see. The movement of the water or breezes blowing around and through me – or the motion of the fish just below me. I feel strongly that these “moods” I sense can only be visualized through the process of plein-air painting, then reimagined in the studio through intuition.

These re-workings allow me a greater freedom to transcend nature itself – to find greater truths, if you like, that both existing within the natural world and also in me. My artistic experience is also defined by change. Change in my process, in my personal visual direction and often in the subjects I choose as well. Change, I feel, is important for growth because without these new challenges, an artist’s best work will always be behind them.



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